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Our Corporate Activation Bars

And what do we do?

Create-your-own bar for Product activations

Frio believes in combining mobile food and beverage bars with technology in order to create an integrated marketing campaign. Our team activation specialists and strategic technology partners combine food and technology to customise a marketing campaign, resulting in guests being enticed to interact more with your company’s brand.


Examples include using brand-customised virtual reality activations where guests can be rewarded with a food item, or mobile ordering systems whereby guests can order food on their mobile device.


Contact us for a tailored solution


All our bars include professional, reliable and friendly servers and can be custom branded according to the theme and purpose of the event. 


Custom branding includes:

- fully banded stand

- brand shirts

- Branded cup sleeves (for every cup)

- Branded serviettes

- Branded menus 

- and so on

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