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Frio's  Popsicle Ice cream bar in Johannesburg. Our core offering consists of a mobile bar, fully equipped with Scoop Ice Cream fridges filled with different ice cream flavours and delectable toppings.


Uniquely, customers are able to create an ice cream bar suited to their particular preferences, as they can select any type of ice cream flavour and toppings they want. 


Before the event, the event organiser chooses the flavour of ice creams and toppings they would like on the bar. The mobile bar comes to the venue fully stocked.


All our bars come with professional servers and the parlour can be fully customised to match the theme of the event.


Flavors to choose from are the following:​

  • Classic Milky Gelato Flavours (10+) flavours to choose from

  • Fruity Flavours

  • Ice Tea Flavours (10+) flavours to choose from

  • Naughty flavours (G&T, Rum and Coke, Brandy and Coke) - anything goes



















popsicle 4
popsicle 6
popsicle 7
popsicle 13
popsicle 8
popsicle 9
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popsicle 12
popsicle 10
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