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Create-your-own Bubble tea parlour for hire


FRIO's Candy / Sweet mobile bar for hire in Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Guests can choose the candy they want at our bars, being an action bar, we have fully trained professional staff assisting guests.


Before the event, the event organiser can choose the type of sweets, flavours and toppings they want on the bar. This bar can be branded according to the theme of the event.


Why not pair a Slush Machine as well for bubble tea slushie?

What is Bubble Tea?


Bubble tea originates in Taiwan and since expanded across the world in China, America, Australia, Europe and now South Africa.

Bubble tea usually comes in either a fruit-flavoured teas or milk teas.


Bubble Tea takes either the form of a fruity ice tea or a non-dairy 'milkshake' tea. Uniquely guests can create their own bubble tea by choosing a variety of toppings with balls of real fruit or Tapioca pearls.

Candy Bar for Hire3
Candy Bar for Hire
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