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Our Wedding Bars

And what do we do?

Create-your-own bar for weddings


Frio offers customised food and beverage bars that can be branded according to the theme and style of your wedding. Personalised messages can be written on your customised stand where your guests can create-their-own treat based on their preferences. You can either hire our bars for the dessert portion of the reception or during the gap between the ceremony and the reception, while the couple and family are taking pictures.


All our bars include professional, reliable and friendly servers and can be custom branded according to the theme and purpose of the event. 


Our bars include:


1. Italian Gelato bar

2. Soft Serve bar

3. Milkshake bar

4. Coffee bar

6. Bubble Tea bar

7. Frozen Yogurt bar

8. Slushie Bar

9. Ice Tea Bar

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