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mobile frozen yoghurt bar johannesburg


Frio's mobile Dim Sum bar in Johannesburg. Our core offering consists of a mobile bar, fully stocked to serve your guests the best Dim Sum in Joberg!.


Guests will have an option of a variety of Dim Sum ranging from meat, fish and vegetarian, prepared by our Asian inspired chefs, fully trained in the cuisine.


Before the event, the event organiser chooses the Dim Sum types they would like to serve their guests. We recommend 1 type per category.


All our bars come with professional Chefs Waiters to serve your guests


Dim Sum Types



  • Prawn Har Gow

  • Prawn, Chicken and Chive Had Gow

  • Prawn Blossom Dumpings


Chicken / Beef

  • Chicken Har Gow

  • Chicken and Mushroom Spring Rolls

  • Chicken Satay Sticks

  • Beef Satay Sticks



  • Spinach and Cream Cheese Har Gow

  • Mixed Vegetable Har Gow

  • Pesto, Shitake Mushroom and Tofu Har Gow

  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls



dimsum 2
Dimsum 1
Dimsum 3
Springroll 1
Dimsum 5
Springroll 2
dimsum 4
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